Since Itaca's foundation we have been developing SW for CMM and metrology related applications.
Our SW is simple, complete and unexpensive.

Checkout our demo versions for a costless trial.



The CMM genius:

Itaca's capable, flexible and yet intuitive CMM metrology software.

Simplified graphical approach for full geometry check programming.

Free-form CAD comparison.

Special algorithms dedicated to functional component

Geometrical compensation and advanced thermal compensation

Structured to be easily taylored for customized applications



Gear Evaluation Package

An easy, unexpensive yet complete package for the evaluation of involute gear on any CMM

It provides profile, flank, pitch, thickness, runout detailed graphical analisys

DIN 3962 compliant


CMM Automation Front-ends

We know well that in many, specially product oriented, applications, the CMM customer needs a simplified interface allowing the right program to be run without entering the development environment.

Itaca provides, on customer's request or specification, any type of front end SW, allowing:

  • Program run from a dedicated SW or HW panel
  • Interface to statistic or data collection environments
  • In-line special computing and graphical representation of the results
  • Automatic management of thermal environment and probe calibration policy
  • ....your need


Management of Measuring Process from Code Reading to Report Issuing


Management of tool calibration


Statistical Process Control


front end pipes

Synoptical Measurement Reporting


Customized Measurement Reporting