Enter the FlexGauge™!    


FlexGauge™ Series: an innovating alternative to CMMs for production inspection

FlexGauge™ is a rugged and accurate CMM designed for an easy introduction in the shopfloor environment.

Its unprecedented speed, together with the intrinsic accuracy and ability to face hard production environments, together with the low cost make it the perfect machine to replace, flexibly the usual in-production gauging.

A solid structure
Its structure is based on all-airbearing moving table and vertical stage.
FlexGauge™ is ideal for the measurement of internal and external profiles of turned or ground revolution parts in production environment for controlling the manufacturing process.The inspection cycle can be easily programmed by self teaching as you are measuring the first part.

An Absolute XYZ Gauging System

FlexGauge™ is a cost effective alternative to traditional dedicated gauging solutions. Coordinate Measuring Machines have long been used as flexible production gauges however their size and costs have made them prohibitive for most gauging applications.

A new CMM configuration utilizing proven CMM principles and addressing the current market vacuum. It is more than just a flexible gauging system. FlexGauge&trade is a Mini 3D CMM with an absolute dimensional accuracy. Thus the need of a painful process of making masters and matching the results is no more needed. The absolute accuracy and advanced thermal compensation will avoid all this, giving an absolute answer to the simple question: "is the part good or bad?"


Two sizes for all tasks
FlexGauge™'s granite guides, 100% airbearing and generous guidance ratios, together with included thermal compensation ensure the demanding accuracy.
FlexGauge™ comes in two sizes:


T Series





A very small footprint, moving table structure.
It fits well for all small parts with section 160x160 like bearing rings, small pipes, synch gears.
Compact and easily moveable wherever you need it.

C Series


Moving tower structure.
Its unconventional architecture allows the measurement of parts with a section 200x250 with unlimited length like shafts, racks, ball-screws and alike.
The carbon-fiber spindle increases the dimensional stability of the measuring volume to ensure the measurement accuracy even in hard shopfloor conditions.
It may integrate all of the Renishaw line of probes.


Taylored Measuring Cells

FlexCal-3D with fixturing

FlexGauge-T16 with fixturing

Flexible for You

FlexGauge™ is supplied as a standard product, complete with installation and training or as a turnkey gauging solution complete with support fixtures, part programs and operator interface allowing the launch of inspection programs.
Programs can also be launched automatically by scanning bar-codes.
Application SW
Our CMM SW Tangram The Final Piece in the Flexible Gauging Puzzle

The mathematical genius behind FlexGauge™ is TANGRAM;
a very capable, flexible and yet intuitive metrology software.
TANGRAM offers a totally graphical approach with no need to learn any complex programming language.
TANGRAM is developed for users who like simple, economic,
easy to use metrology software that does only what they need. Most metrology softwares on the market today are overly complex with way too many features for the average application and user. TANGRAM offers the correct balance of functionality, usability and performance and is the final piece of the FlexGauge™ solution.
A wide application palette allows flexible programming with toch-part recognition, advanced temperature compensation of part, environment and machine.


Integration with automation front-ends and with data collection systems complete the match of FlexGauge application with any need from the very simple to the most demanding.




Simplified Statistical Process Control on FlexGauge's Front-End panel

front end graphical

Graphical representation of scanning of a pipe longitudinal sections for a thickness-critical application

Technical data
FlexCal outline