Reseller and Integrator

Common product development

First Indian company in metrological equipment manufacturing, first to design and build an Indian CMM, first Indian CMM seller, Accurate is a typical leader company with really good perspectives for an impressing growth in the future.

In 2004 Accurate and Itaca signed an agreement for the use of Tangram on their CMMs.

This first cooperation was the base of a stronger connection for designing the new line of Accurate CMMs and helping the development of special metrology applications as height-gauges, tool pre-setters, special dedicated calipers and the like.

Itaca is also developing for Accurate a 7 axes CNC controller for Accurate's new full-CNC roundness measuring machine.

Cooperation is extending every day to take advantage of each partner's strong points.


Reseller and Integrator

Common product development

Metrel was founded in 1975 as a team of electronic design specialists with over than 10 years skill in design and manufacturing of measuring equipments applying to workshop environment.

Thanks to the continuous investment in research and development and to the resulting experience along more than 35 years, Metrel have the know-how suitable to solve most of the measuring problems connected with the large scale production of high precision mechanical parts.


Metrel design and produce

  • Standard components: electronic equipments and transducers
  • Plug gauges and electronic measuring forks
  • Post process gauges for measure-correction of CNC
  • Electronic consoles for inter-operational inspection
  • Selection and final inspection equipments
  • Inspection equipment for turbine blade machining cycle and flow-area detection for Aerospace Industry
Metrel is now currently promoting and integrating FlexCal and FlexGauge systems for inter-operational checks in Automotive Industry
omt-logo Reseller and Integrator for Germany, China, South-East Asia

Öchsner Messtechnik GmbH is a team of sales and service specialists in the area of industrial metrology.

The company was founded in 2005. In the first years it focussed on the contour measuring machines. Since 2009 our product range was extended to include several other types of measuring systems for industrial metrology applications. This allows them to satisfy all requirements for dimensional measurements and related quality assurance.

Öchsner Messtechnik GmbH is successfully partnering Itaca with the commercialization and application of FlexCal on the German and South-East Asia markets.

trapet Technology partner

Trapet Precision Engineering
Berretin 10, 01139 Sarria (Alava), Spain, tel: +34 945462666, mail:

Experts in metrology, specially active in the field of CMM calibration and mapping, reference artifact manufacturing and deviation analysis.
They developeded together with Itaca the concept of AutoCal.

We cooperate for various advanced research projects in the field of CMM accuracy assessment


Reseller and Integrator

Common product development

Our partner company Mod.En established new standards in modular fixturing by adding to its mechanical elements a dedicated software supplied by Itaca, thus creating the Computer Aided Fixturing Design, which allows the customer to design and check his fixtures virtually and with no need of CAD knowledge.

Mod.En also supplies both major CMM manufacturers and end users with various kinds of CMMs load/unload systems whose automation and controllers are supplied by Itaca.

Our pair, with its long experience in the field of metrology, may supply right solutions for difficult metrology-handling problems


More about Safin Joint product and application development in advanced metrology

SAFIN is a young company born from a long experience of its partners in the industrial production automation and metrology.

Safin and Itaca signed an agreement for the development and sale of measuring equipments solving specific needs.

Safin  plays as commercial partner as Itaca is charged for development.

A first realization for Rolex has been followed by the development of FlexCal, made for answering a specification of SKF but also complying with more general needs

Visit Kotem Application and re-sale of CAD/Measure application Kotem is leading developer of software for metrology specializing in 2D/3D best-fitting software, 2D/3D geometrical dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T), and mathematical libraries (ASME Y14.5, ISO 1101) for all of the above. They supply solutions in the area of metrology or GD&T problem. Their strength is the ability to combine sound mathematical knowledge with many years of experience in engineering and metrology to provide solutions for all kinds of process analysis or troubleshooting problems in manufacturing