The smart road to process quality

FlexGauge C

FlexGauge C Integrated cell for the completely automatic measurement of key dimensions of brake caliper. Parts are continuously loaded by the operator while the machine is measuring in alternate stations, thus with zero idle time.

FlexGauge T

Robot-integrated cell for a completely automatic measurement of key dimensions of actuator for car injection. Parts are fed continuously by a robot with full automation of loading, measurement and unloading.


“Tangram”, the geometrical software engine powering our machines, is a combination of simplicity and power. Tangram is being been continuously developed and extended according to the deep experience coming from many years of activity in metrological software and application.

Tangram Process Control (TPC)

Customizable touch operator interface for easy and clear management of the measurement cell and shop-floor oriented results presentation. It includes a full SPC with complete process statistics parameter graphics

If you are tired of fumbling with multiple manual gauges or waiting measurement results from the quality room, while your expensive machine-tools are idling ...